Create and Manage your virtual farm!

Sick of city life? Tired of those childish and unchallenging farm games? Come and join Free Farm Game and play the next level of virtual farming.

  • Plant one of the 70 different crops in game.
  • Be it cabbage, tomatoes or fruits the choice is yours.
  • Temperatures, season and weather will affect your plant's growth.
  • Realistic graphics and growth patterns.
  • Breed one of the 7 different livestock to collect eggs, milk and meat.
  • Make your own cheese, mutton pie, bread, wine, whiskey...
  • More than a thousand recipes for you to do!
  • Hundreds of tools and upgrades for you to configure your farm...
  • Will you specialize in Cereals, Fruits, Salads, Rabbits, Horses, Baking, Cooking or Brewery?
  • Or will you join a Co-operative and play with other players to accomplish missions and challenges?
The possibilities are endless!
Manage your online farm now and
join thousands of players around the world!
"I have spent so much time on here and working on my farm plans that I'm hardly ever on face book anymore."

"I'd been searching for a farm game for years - free or otherwise - and then I found this one."

"I really like this one. I didnt think I would but my girlfriend played it for about 2 weeks and I decided to give it a go. Now I'm hooked."


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